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Introduction to Troop 1028

BSA Troop 1028 is a Scout-led unit. Ours is a valuebased community, a proud and encouraging team. We foster and train engaged citizen leaders amidst an exciting atmosphere of fun and real adventure!

Our very diverse and skilled Scouters provide strong support for boys seeking true self-reliance. We hope that Scouts ultimately become ready and prepared to do the right thing, doing their best wherever they are, whenever they can, with whatever they have.

Our outings include backcountry campouts, bicycle trips, canoeing, sea kayaking, rafting, climbing, Scout camps, etc. We believe in fun, fulfilling challenges.

The Scouts of Troop 1028 advance at their own pace. While we strive to insure that Scouts advance as quickly as their initiative, skills, and understanding allow, our Scouts learn and earn their skills, awards, and ranks. The Boy Scout Handbook is the key advancement guide and should be brought to every meeting.

Scouts progress according to their own pace within an encouraging, supportive structure. Whenever possible and feasible, Scouts teach their fellows, for this benefits both teacher and pupil.

Fortunately, we benefit from the support of a diverse, skilled, and committed group of Scouts and Scouters. We are also very active. Our varied program provides Scouts with lots of advancement opportunities. This makes it feasible for a Scout to obtain his First Class rank within a year of joining, but only if the Scout is motivated. As we like to say to all our Scouts: It is always your move!

Here is some other useful information on the Troop and Patrol structures.

Troop 1028 Guidebooks

Troop 1028 Program Overview (pdf)

Troop 1028 New Scout Welcome Guide and Gear Recommendations (pdf)