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Troop 1028 Mulch Sales and Delivery (2018 sales now closed)

Troop 1028 is raising funds by selling high-quality, double-shredded, natural color Hardwood Mulch in 3 cubic foot bags with FREE delivery and stacking! Please see the delivery area notes below. The proceeds of our Spring Mulch Sale are given back to individual Scouts so that they can go to summer camp, pay for camp gear and equipment expenses, and to cover other activity fees. We encourage each Scout to earn their own way and your participation in our mulch sale will help them do just that!

2014 Mulch Drive

Mulch Info

Note: Our 2018 Mulch Sales are now closed - thank you for your support !

If you have successfully placed an order and received a confirmation, your order will be delivered to you on the weekend of April 14 and 15, 2018. If you have any mulch sale related questions, please contact us by email at or Rick by phone at (434) 975-5049.

We will be back next Spring, so please consider us again for your mulch needs.


How Much Mulch Do You Need?

Here is a link to open an external mulch calculator in a new window, you enter the surface area in square feet to be covered (you can calculate this by multiplying the bed width in feet by the bed length in feet) and the desired mulch depth and it will return the required number of bags (use 3 cubic foot bags when reading the answer). If you are covering multiple beds, you can calculate each one separately to keep it easy, and just add up the totals. Remember to round the total number of bags UP to maintain the desired mulch depth. External Link

Here is guidance for mulching around trees:

Mulch Guidelines


Delivery Notes:

Delivery preferred to Mill Creek, Mill Creek South, Lake Reynovia, Mosby Mountain, Hessian Hills, Redfields, Glenmore, Dunlora, Pen Park, Still Meadows, Woodbrook, Belmont and other select neighborhoods. If you are outside of listed areas, please call to make sure that we can deliver.