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Troop 1028 Patrol Structure

Troop 1028 currently operates four permanent Scout patrols (Aces, Falcons, Raptors, and Spartans) and up to three transitional Scout patrols (Fawkes Phoenix, Ice Phoenix, and Fire Phoenix). New Scouts joining the Troop in early Spring begin in a Phoenix patrol, which exists from late February to June of each year. In July, new Scouts then move to a permanent Patrol of their choice.

A dedicated Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) mentors each patrol. Our older Scouts mentor their younger fellows.

Patrol Leaders (PLs) run their patrols according to the patrol method. Each PL often delegates tasks to his self-appointed staff, including his Assistant Patrol Leader (APL). Below patrol level or on ad hoc travel, our Scouts always use the Buddy System.

All PLs report to the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), who runs the troop. He delegates tasks to his staff. The SPL appoints his Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL), Quartermaster, Scribe, etc. soon after his election. We elect new youth leaders each May and November.

Troop 1028 Patrol Patches and Information


Aces Patrol - open to any Scout


Falcons Patrol - open to any Scout


Raptors Patrol - open to any Scout


Spartans Patrol - open to any Scout

Fawkes Phoenix

Ice Phoenix

Fire Phoenix

Phoenix Patrol(s) - Temporary patrol(s) for New Scout Integration - see more details below. Depending on number of new Scouts we have up to three Phoenix Patrols: Fawkes Phoenix, Ice Phoenix, and Fire Phoenix.


Fossils Patrol - used for Scouters (Adult Leaders and Parents) on outings

New Scout Integration (Phoenix Patrol)

Troop 1028 is organized with a unique Phoenix Patrol for integration of new Scouts. From February to June, new Scouts will be assigned to the temporary Phoenix Patrol before they join their final Patrol (Aces, Falcons, Raptors, or Spartans).

A Troop Scout serves as Patrol Leader with as-needed assistance from a Patrol Mentor.

At each meeting and event, current Scouts are rotated through the Phoenix Patrol to teach skills and to get to know the new Scouts in a smaller group setting.

The goal is to have new Scouts both bond as a group and also to focus on quick completion of the Scout and Tenderfoot requirements.

On July 1, the Phoenix Patrol will disappear only to be reborn from the ashes next February !

Here is some other useful information on the Troop and Patrol structures.

Troop 1028 Guidebooks

Troop 1028 Program Overview (pdf)

Troop 1028 New Scout Welcome Guide and Gear Recommendations (pdf)