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Troop 1028 Boy Scout Resources

Here is some basic information and common resources on Boy Scouting.

Note on Gear: Equipping Scouts can be quite expensive, but purchases can be spread out over time as your Scout gains more experience. We also encourage the donation and use of used gear from our Freecycle box whenever possible. The Troop also maintains some emergency individual gear, which we lend out. There are some gear recommendations listed in the Welcome Guide and the Gear links below. We encourage new Scouts to talk to us before buying gear.

If you have other useful information you would like to add, please send it to the Webmaster.

New Scout Resources

Boy Scout Basics Practice Sheet (pdf)

Uniform Buying Guide (pdf)

Troop 1028 New Scout Welcome Guide and Gear Recommendations (pdf)

Guide to Uniform Insignia Placement External Link

Recommended Scout Backpacking Gear from External Link





Rank Advancement

Boy Scout Rank Advancement (pdf)

Scout Requirements External Link

Tenderfoot Requirements External Link

Second Class Requirements External Link

First Class Requirements External Link

Star Requirements External Link

Life Requirements External Link

Eagle Requirements External Link

Eagle Palm Requirements External Link





Basic Skills: Knots

Basic Boy Scout Knots (pdf)

Timber Hitch Knot External Link

Clove Hitch Knot External Link

Square Lashing External Link

Shear Lashing External Link

Diagonal Lashing External Link

More Rope Knots External Link

Animated Scouting Knots External Link




Basic Skills: Totin Chip Knife Safety

Totin Chip Knife Safety (pdf)





Basic Skills: Kayaking / Canoe / Whitewater Safety

Troop 1028 Boating Safety Course (pdf)

Canoe T Rescue (from Boy's Life) External Link




Detailed Gear Advice and Information

Boys Life Gear Guy Advice External Link

Trailspace Gear Advice External Link

Backpacking Light Gear Advice External Link

Backpacking Net Gear Advice External Link

Andrew Skurka

Our Favorite Gear Book: The Ultimate Hikers Gear Guide by Andrew Skurka External Link

Fishing Gear Advice External Link




Places to Buy Gear (in no particular order, be sure to do comparison shopping)

Campmor - External Link

Recreation Equipment Inc - External Link

The Sportsmans Guide - External Link

Bass Pro Shops - External Link

Cabelas - External Link

Eastern Mountain Sports - External Link

Blue Ridge Mountain Sports - (get a 10% discount at Cville store with your valid Scout ID card) External Link

Dick's Sporting Goods - External Link




Troop 1028 General Gear Lists (What to Bring) and Event Safety Training

Scout Skills Campout Gear List (pdf)

Winter Camping Gear List (pdf)

Summer Camping Gear List (pdf)

Summer Camp Safety Course (pdf)

Canoe/Kayak Trip Gear List (pdf)

Backpacking Gear List (pdf)




Troop 1028 Cooking Guides and Recipes

Cooking with Troop 1028 (pdf)

Basic Backpack Cooking Using 3 Methods (pdf)

Recipes - Backpacking Meals (pdf)

Recipes - Camp Stove Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners (pdf)

Recipes - Dutch Oven Cooking (pdf)

Recipes - Fruits and Desserts (pdf)




Event Planning and Information Guides

Duty Roster and Menu Planner (weekend) (pdf)

Troop Meeting Planner - Camping (pdf)

Building Pioneering Structures (pdf)





Directions to Camp Shenandoah (Swoope, VA)

Directions from STAB to Camp Shenandoah (pdf)





Scripts and Skits

Court of Honor Script (pdf)

Skunk Patrol Summer Camp Skit (pdf)

Scout Skits from External Link





National BSA and Troop 1028 Merit Badge Resources

Introduction to Merit Badges External Link

BSA Merit Badge Workbooks (from External Link

Eagle Required Merit Badges (pdf) NOTE: Need to add Cooking MB which is also now required

BSA Merit Badge Requirements (from External Link

Home Repairs

Home Repairs Merit Badge (MB Counselor: Cutright)

BSA Merit Badge Workbook - Home Repairs External Link

Merit Badge Class Checklist (pdf)

Electrical Safety (pdf)

Electricity Basics (pdf)

Reqt 4d - Installing Outlets (pdf)

Reqt 4c - Installing Switches (pdf)

Reqt 2h - Soldering Wire (pdf)

Plumbing Basics (pdf)

Reqt 5a - Unclogging a Drain (pdf)

Reqt 5d - Fixing a Leaky Hose (pdf)

Painting Guidelines (pdf)

Reqt 3b - Painting a Door (pdf)

Reqt 2b - Weatherstrip a Door (pdf)

Reqt 6f - Reinforce a Picture Frame (pdf)

Reqt 6c - Installing Curtain Rods (pdf)

Reqt 6g - Repairing Pottery (pdf)

Reqt 3g - Repairing a Fence (pdf)

Reqt 2a - Yard Tool Maintenance (pdf)

Home Repairs

Geocaching Merit Badge (MB Counselors: Cutright, Monroe, Saliba)

BSA Merit Badge Workbook - Geocaching External Link

Geocaching Presentation Part 1 (pdf)

Geocaching Presentation Part 2 (pdf)

Note: for PowerPoint versions, email the Webmaster

Archaeology Indiana Jones

Archaeology Merit Badge (MB Counselor: Cutright)

BSA Merit Badge Workbook - Archaeology External Link

Archaeology Presentation Part 1 (pdf)

Archaeology Patrol Mock Dig Results (pdf)

Archaeology Presentation Part 2 (pdf)

Archaeology Presentation Part 3 (pdf)

Archaeology Presentation Part 4 (pdf)

Note: for PowerPoint versions, email the Webmaster

Engineering Aerospace Engineering

Engineering Merit Badge (MB Counselor: Cutright)

BSA Merit Badge Workbook - Engineering External Link

Engineering Presentation Part 1 (pdf)

Engineering Bridge Building Results (pdf)

Engineering Presentation Part 2 (pdf)

G Michael Computer Design (pdf)

Engineering Presentation Part 3 (pdf)

Note: for PowerPoint versions, email the Webmaster




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